Market Update

Catalyst/St Barbara - Evolution

Good afternoon

China drops the reserve ratio for banks, inducing liquidity into the system and making it easier for them to lend money

Business confidence in Germany slips again. No wonder - German soccer team is looking vulnerable this year,. and Trump is hanging over our economy like a damocle sword!

Catalyst - stock moved strongly today, following the release of some verx high grade drilling results from their Four Eagles Gold Project just North of the old gold mining town, Bendigo. 19m with 63g is certainly very impressive - other results were not that massive, but still very positive. St.Barbara own 15% of Catalyst - looks like they have had a good idea!

Evolution - interesting - Jake Klein was quoted from a presentation today saying, that Evolution would look at one more country to Australia....! He also said, that he would want the company to hold only 6, main assets at the time. He also mentioned, that all large gold miners had evolved from small, very good ones - indicating once again, that Evolution does not plan to go for size  for the sake of it!

Have a nice evening