Schröder Equities is a full service Australian stock broker, and advisor to institutional investors, including the Nestor Australien Fonds.

Munich Based, Australian Resources and Commodity Market Focused

Founded by Wilhelm Schroeder in 2006, the company brings years of experience in Australian equities and investment banking, servicing investment funds and professional investors from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg.

Our team includes both German and Australian staff, with strong backgrounds in investment banking, particularly mining and resource investments.

Schröder Equities provides full service Australian stock broking, capital raising, placement distribution, daily investor notes, equity and commodities advice, and Australian company presentations including an annual Zurich Resources Investor Roadshow to institutional and sophisticated investors.

Nestor Australien Fonds, which Schroeder Equities advises to, is a European based fund investing in Australian listed companies, and has shown outstanding performance in recent years, based on stock picking and economic analysis.

We have a strong and extensive network of contacts and business relationships in Australia which are leveraged to provide timely and accurate information on investment opportunities to our clients.