Market Update


Good afternoon

looks like this idiot is going to do it: imposing tariffs! As with all political action, there is an element in this, which everybody can understand..,. but still, I would be very surprised, if this would bring positive developments for American people!

German business confidence is falling, Japanese manufacturing is gowing slower - I guess both impacted by the looming trade war. But manufacturing in the States is doing well, and the FED is obviously quite convinced of further, economic improvement in the US in 2019 and 2020, as per the interest rate outlook given yesterday by Powell.

In any case - a trade war will hurt, and none of us wants it...

Also action in the tech-sector...Facebook under pressure, results at Tencent apparently not all that fantastic - and now Naspers selling 10 bill US$ worth of stock...all not very convincing news.

The base metals are weak as well - not surprising, I guess - a tarde war will be bad for growth, no doubt about that!

Have a nice evening