Market Update

General - Breaker

Good afternoon

it´s this time of the year again - shutdown in prospect? The difference this time is, that this maniac might actually do it! Mrs.May probably gone later tonight? Fresh elections in Italy? Germany f…ed with Merkel´s successor? But markets are recovering today, thanks to some relief in the trade war?

Industrial output in Europe slightly better than expected.

Funny enough - and very disappointing - base metals have been the “trade-war hedge” on the way down - but on the way up, they disappoint. The old saying: down by the elevator, up by the stairs??

Breaker - announecd some good drilling results today - some extensional success, especially from a target 2 km North of the existing pit, but mainly infill drilling for the enxt resource estimate. Company comments, that results will increase the existing 1.1 mill oz resource. Many results in the 1-2 g range - but also 15m with 5g and other higher grade results. The cut-off is 0,5g/t - so tehse results are looking good, if not outstanding. The weaker share price has nothing to do with the results today, which were excatly what you should expect going forward ( current resource is 24.6 millt at 1,4g/t, or 800.000 oz at 2.0g ), as todays results should confirm similar grades on average.

Not much to report today - have a noice evening!