Market Update

Happy Christmas!

Good afternoon

this morning, I went to the local Degussa-outlet to buy a piece of gold as a Christmas present for somebody. I had to kew for it, and the shop was extremely busy. According to the employees, this has been the case for the last few weeks. Indian imports last month have also been surprisingly strong, reversing the recent trend of weak imports. This gives me further confidence to see some light at the end of tunnel for the gold price, which has been hammered by relentless selling of physical gold via the ETF and by financial players.

Other metal markets are also very steady today, as are almost feels like most investors have done for this year, what they needed to do. Now for the window dressing during the last few days of the year!

I have really not much to say these have become pretty quiet, resources investors are frustrated with regards to gold, and with regards to other metals/minerals, markets are in consolidation-mode, following the strong run this year.

Unless something exciting happens tomorrow, I might finish writing until early in the new year!

I wish you all happy Christmas, a great start to a hopefully exciting year 2017, and health & happyness!